Are you looking for a good sperm donor? You found it! My services are FREE

Hello, My name is Den. I’m ready to become a sperm donor for free. I’m also ready to provide you with financial aid at the time of delivery of a child, during maternity leave, and possibly later to support a child. I may pay for IVF and all the expenses.

I live in London. I can come to any city in England or Europe. When we meet, you will definitely like me.

Other information may be provided face to face

About me

– I’m 34 years old. Thanks to a healthy lifestyle I look good and seem a few years younger. Height: 180 cm; weight: 90 kg.

– I’m sensible, industrious, founded and own the IT company with a staff of 150 employees and several smaller businesses. Aquarius. I’m a good-natured and responsible person with a good sense of humour and a vast life

– I go in for sports, I have never smoked, I do not drink alcohol at all. I stick to a healthy diet. I believe in God. More of my photos are in the photo gallery

Photos of my children can be viewed here, and real reviews here


My interest – I want to leave behind as many smart, healthy and beautiful children as possible. There are no other hidden reasons, there are also some financial opportunities that allow me to do this

I am ready to communicate with the child so that he knows me as a father (with your consent), and is ready to support him in the future. Of course, I do not pretend to be a child. I guarantee complete confidentiality

If you are looking for a good sperm donor in London, or in any other city in England, you do not need to go to a sperm bank. It is easy to use my services – in the clinic, inform that you will pass with your donor / acquaintance / common-law husband, come with me. Clinics never mind, it’s your choice. My analyzes are always ready and fresh

It is also possible to deliver sperm to any clinic in any city, without my arrival


By using the services of an anonymous donor / sperm bank, you and the child in the future may experience some discomfort, since there is no one to turn to for support, advice, the father is unknown etc. This is not a problem now, but it will likely be a problem later. Also, donors in clinics are taken on the basis of only medical indicators, personal and external characteristics are not taken into account at all

I am interested in having children, all my services are free. You must be under the age of 44, have a height of at least 155, plus there will be some of your positive personal qualities (hard work, responsibility, etc.)

Additional positives as a sperm donor in London or any city in England:

I have good genes, which is the same about my parents and grandparents (details below)

I will help you get pregnant by methods: AI, IVF (which I can pay)

If necessary, I will provide psychological support during pregnancy, as well as in subsequent periods of the child’s life. If you have material difficulties, or any other difficult situations, you can also count on my support.


Not in every case the mother wants the child to communicate with his biological father, if for her he was just a sperm donor. Therefore, I offer any options for anonymity at your discretion:

– I don’t know the child at all (for me it’s better than at all you can’t conceive it)
– I see him very rarely
– I see him often

Your choice of one of these types of my communication with the child now does not oblige us to adhere to it constantly. If you wish, you can go to any option that will be most reasonable in a given period of time

Regarding all of the above, you can sign an agreement in which all the details will be spelled out


– By phone online

– A short meeting in real life

– After that, we will have some opinion about each other, and with mutual agreement, we can proceed to the next stages


– Father is the director of the company, a smart and good person
– First grandfather – for 16 years he was the general director of a large furniture factory
– The second grandfather is the chief accountant of a grocery store chain
– Both grandmothers and mom are beautiful, healthy and intelligent women

More detailed information in person or upon request. You can write to me now by leaving a request on the website.

This does not oblige you to anything, and all communication will be as comfortable as possible